Online Workshops

I have created a variety of workshops that help attendees become aware that they are multidimensional beings and with training can explore these aspects of their reality.

In the 2-hr workshops, we clear this Life Programs, Previous Lives, Intergenerational Programs and Soul Programs. The ONE Portal is opened twice in those workshops.

These workshops are concise and condensed sharing only relevant material with no added “fluff”.

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ONE Portal Upgrade & Healing

17 Dec - 11am PDT - 6pm GMT

No Refund if you miss the Live. You’ll be added to the next.

$20 – Length of workshop: 45 mins

ONE Portal Upgrade & Healing

Step into the ONE Portal, a gateway to unimaginable possibilities. Are you ready to leave behind the limitations of your past and embrace a brighter future?

This workshop is interactive and it covers clearing this life programs and previous lives. We are going to dive deep into the realms of transformation, growth, and healing. 

Get ready, because we’re about to unlock the secrets of the ONE Portal! Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity. Fill-in the form below to begin your transformative journey. Remember, the power lies within you!

$99 – Length of WORKSHOP: 2 Hrs

Reverse Aging

As we get older, we have to age right? ………. WRONG! This workshop is for all age groups and is so easy to learn. 

• Connect to your Core Consciousness (The Master Programmer)
• Protect and Ground Yourself
• Release Old Belief Systems Regarding Getting Old & Ageing
• Release the Toxic Emotions that Create Face Wrinkles
• Reprogram your DNA to Start Reverse Ageing you to age 25 yrs old

Learn how to Reverse Ageing

10 Mar - 11AM PDT - 7 PM GMT

No Refund if you miss the Live. You’ll be added to the next.

Astral Project

24 Mar - 11am PDT - 7pm GMT

No Refund if you miss the Live. You’ll be added to the next.

$99 – Length of workshop: 2hrs

Astral Projection

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery in my online Astral Projection workshop.

Learn ancient techniques to unlock the realms beyond, guiding you to a profound state of consciousness.

Join us and explore the limitless possibilities of your spiritual existence.



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The Zoom link will be sent out 24 – 48 hours before the workshop commences. If you haven’t received it on Saturday before the workshop, please contact us.

Please check your email to ensure you receive it, and confirm your time zone via Google as all workshops are based on Pacific Time (PDT/PST).

Please allow an extra 30 minutes on the scheduled workshop time above, as generally workshops do run over time depending on number of participants or technical issues.

If you are new to Zoom, please familiarise yourself with joining a zoom meeting before the workshop day, as I will not be able to assist you.



What People Are Saying

Astral Projection Workshop

Recorded Video

$29.99 – Length of video: 28 mins

Self-Healing in 6 Easy Steps

The world is a rapidly changing place, and we need to change with the times. As more and more people are moving away from conventional healthcare to complementary healthcare, it is very useful to have your own simple self-healing technique.

Female Empowerment Workshop

Recorded Video

$39 – Length of video: 32 mins

Female Empowerment – Level 1

In this 2-part workshop, we clear out programs, patterns and memories linked to a long list Cultural/Personal and Spiritual Disempowerment programs using the ONE Portal. This is a powerful level up for all Women as these past memories cause issue in this lifetime and future lifetimes.

This is the first 2 parts in a series of 5, the other 3 are in the Female Empowerment Level 2 workshop in the JRS Academy only.

Higher-Self Connection & Meaning of Life

Recorded Video

$29 – Length of video: 28 mins

Higher-Self Connection & Meaning of Life

In these two videos, I briefly explain the meaning of life and why we incarnated. I also introduce you to the 9-stage filter of the Higher-Self. In part 2, the healing video, I open the ONE Portal to clear out any old blockages that may have left residues between these higher levels of consciousness.

We need to make sure our Higher-Self connection is kept as clear as possible as this is where we get our guidance from. A polluted channel can result in us to making wrong decisions in life. Materialism is the biggest pollutant to our ascension and growth, as it heavily pollutes the higher channels.


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