I have created a variety of workshops that help attendees become aware that they are multidimensional beings and with training can explore these aspects of their reality.

They also help repair past trauma and allow you to activate your divine feminine and masculine templates, and remove energetic implants.

These workshops are concise and condensed sharing only relevant material with no added “fluff”.

Astral Projection Workshop

4th Sep, 2022

USA: 11am PDT – 1pm CDT – 2pm EDT

$79 – Length of workshop: 2.5 hours

Astral Projection

In this workshop, I will show you how to Astral Project safely and use this technique for relaxation, vision quests, connecting with your guides, angels, lost loved ones, and experiencing higher levels of consciousness.

It can help you shift your subconscious beliefs, programs and patterns that are learned and/or inherited.

You will learn telepathy and how to develop a connection with your Angels and Guides.

$89 – Length of workshop: 2.5 hours

Akashic Records

Akashic records are an etheric library of all events, actions and thoughts that have ever occurred or ever will.

In this workshop, I will teach you how to access your own Akashic Records and you will learn how to cancel vows, pacts, contracts, black magic and much more.

These energetic imprints can negatively impact your life creating blocks to your relationships, career, success and spiritual development.

Akashic Records Workshop

2nd Oct, 2022

USA: 11am PDT – 1pm CDT – 2pm EDT

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Empowerment Workshop

18th Sep, 2022

USA: 11am PDT – 1pm CDT – 2pm EDT

$99 – Length of workshop: 3 hours

Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Empowerment

In this workshop, I will help you discover your true soul potential in this incarnation by clearing imprints that block your growth and clear past life/this life womb trauma.

Both men and women carry womb trauma imprints.

This workshop is not to be missed and is a huge level up experience!

$99 – Length of workshop: 2.5 hours


Energetic Implant Removal

This workshop will teach you how to keep your light body clear of energetic implants, microchips, ariels, transmitters, microdots and more.

You will also learn how to remove energetic microdots from your light body.

This is a must for star-seeds and healers.

Energetic Implant Removal Workshop

21st Aug, 2022

USA: 11am PDT – 1pm CDT – 2pm EDT

Female Freedom Workshop

16th Oct, 2022

USA: 11am PDT – 1pm CDT – 2pm EDT

$99 – Length of workshop: 2.5 hours

Female Freedom

This workshop clears specific programs linked to Women’s problems, helping you say goodbye to many or all menopause symptoms and menstrual cramps with my super deep intergenerational healing.

I will also reconnect you with your inner Goddess!

$2997 – Length of workshop: 3 hours

Escaping The 3D/4D Matrix – Quantum Leap Level 1

This workshop will catapult you into the higher frequency templates of your reality matrix. By removing the old structures and bringing your bioenergetic field into alignment with the new 5D Earth.

It’s time to release blocks that hold you back, so if you’re ready to fully let go of old imprints that allow lower frequency entities into your system before having a huge upgrade, then this healing workshop is for you.

Prerequisite: You must be familiar with Janine’s meditations connecting you to ONE.

Releasing 3D and 4D Matrix Templates

23rd Oct, 2022

USA: 11am PDT – 1pm CDT – 2pm EDT

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What People Are Saying

“Wow!! Just finished Janine’s Escaping 3D & 4D Matrix workshop, and I cannot describe how thankful I am for you Janine 💖. I can already notice a major difference in how I feel and my reality is so much more clear. Well worth the investment and more. Lots of Q & A and so worth the money!! The most powerful workshop I’ve been a part of and looking forward to more!! So deeply grateful for you Janine 🙏 ”


“The Akashic Records workshop with Janine is phenomenal, it will seriously blow your mind. Not only learning how to access your own but the importance of accessing them and clearing them definitely adds context to being an eternal being, context of how real and crucial this is for us in this now moment and every other fractal/parallel now moment as well! Definitely recommend!”


“If you want to FAST TRACK your healing – The one-on-one treatment is AMAZING. I have done & repeated all of Janine’s workshops and have worked with ONE on my own, but Janine just got right into my nooks and crannies. We got deep!! I haven’t felt this great and youthful in a long long time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Just wish I didn’t wait so long.”




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