My treatments are particularly helpful in Post-Traumatic Stress issues recovering, repairing and realigning the fragmented parts of the human psyche as the result of trauma, which is oftentimes the missing link which is critical to recovery.

The Morphogenetic Field:

Each of us has a personal morphogenetic field which is the blueprint that manifests all matter, including our physical bodies.

This field of data consists of templates of sound and light (form-holding imprints) and are stored at a level of consciousness beyond the range of the standard five senses.

In my ground-breaking work, I’m able to access this field and help you release the confines of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Addiction, Non-Specific Pain, Chronic illnesses and more.

I work within the paradigm of Non-Local Consciousness, allowing me to alter the “Software in the computer”.

I help patients recover from illness removing what I call, “glitches” in the DNA, which I believe are the result of emotional and environmental toxicity.

Crystal Ki Treatments - Mind, Body, and Soul


Crystal Ki One-to-One Treatments involve a combination of techniques that alter the subconscious and the morphogenetic field of the body, improving health, facilitating personal/spiritual growth and encourage well-being.

The higher the energetic frequency, the healthier and purer are the mind, body and soul.

Crystal Ki involves guided imagery techniques accessing past life and trauma imprints in the subconscious mind. Through these treatments, I help you to realign those coded memories, release triggers and promote harmony and wellness among many other benefits.

The Akashic records are a collection of data for every human being, relating to our multidimensional past, present and future lifetimes which is stored in the spiritual hall of records. As multidimensional beings, it is very important that as we evolve, we access, clear and discover the amazing information held in them, so we can remove anything blocking our growth and collect any energetic upgrades which may be stored there. Try to imagine a vast library, the story of everything you ever have, are and will experience in every lifetime. Accessing this hall of records is a must for those seeking higher levels of consciousness.

Akashic Records Healing


Property Energy Grid Realignment


Just as our bodies need to be in energetic alignment, it is important to harmonize the energy in your home, or business, with your frequencies, including your family or colleagues if applicable.

This alignment can allow for abundance to flow more easily into your personal reality.

I remotely realign energy grids in your home, or business, to initiate the maximum harmonic alignment between you and your environment, similar to ‘Feng Shui’ but without having to rearrange furniture.

This allows the perfect flow of ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ (life force energy) into your home, or business, so that your life feels energized and balanced.

Treatments are available Internationally by Zoom or Telephone.

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