The Princess & The Pink Moon Leeches

Book three in the Angel Warrior series shares the story of Alethea of Avon, the Angel Warrior, and her adventures with Archangel Michael in the astral planes. The new map of consciousness is revealed, and Alethea is shocked to discover her true-life purpose.

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The Princess and The Pink Moon Leeches eBook
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About The Audio

This audio is a 5 minutes excerpt of my book The Princess & The Pink Moon Leeches.

About The Author

Janine Regan-Sinclair is the author of the Angel Warrior book series, which gives a greater understanding about the meaning of life, healing and self-development.

She is a qualified Therapist, Teacher, Transformational Speaker and Energy Healer.

She offers online digital audios and video courses that raise your consciousness, promote self healing by reprogramming your energetic field and DNA.

Throughout 2023, she is hosting in-person addiction retreats on Vancouver Island, Canada.

She has dedicated many years to sharing the life-changing gifts she received while learning to work with multidimensional levels of consciousness.


This is book 3 in the Angel Warrior series. It contains the all new Crystal Ki map of consciousness listing the development from Master level (950) to Oversoul level (10,000).

Written as a diary, it is perfect for people to dip in and out of, and takes readers on an enlightening journey from Planetary Princess level (1750) to Saint Level (3500) in their spiritual development.

The Crystal Ki Healing techniques are printed in the back of all of book 1 – The Angel, The Witch & The Warrior.

The attainment figures recorded are genuine and along her path she meets The Emperor of the Gods, visits The Halls of Amenti and travels to a crystal city on Jupiter.

Her love life takes a turn for the worst and she throws herself into her spiritual work as the tests and quests become more and more intense.

Will she win the money she needs to fulfil her dream of a healing sanctuary?

The story continues in book 4……. The Avatar & the Crystal Key…..the next adventure!

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