The Avatar & The Crystal Key

The Avatar & the Crystal Key is book 4 in the Angel Warrior Series. In this fictional adaptation of her diaries, Alethea moves through the level of Avatar to Rishi.

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The Avatar and the Crystal Key eBook
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About The Audio

This audio is 5 minutes excerpt of my book The Avatar & The Crystal Key.

About The Author

Janine Regan-Sinclair is the author of the Angel Warrior book series, which gives a greater understanding about the meaning of life, healing and self-development.

She is a qualified Therapist, Teacher, Transformational Speaker and Energy Healer.

She offers online digital audios and video courses that raise your consciousness, promote self healing by reprogramming your energetic field and DNA.

Throughout 2023, she is hosting in-person addiction retreats on Vancouver Island, Canada.

She has dedicated many years to sharing the life-changing gifts she received while learning to work with multidimensional levels of consciousness.


After much self-sacrifice, she is honoured with a crystal key that grants her rites of passage to Paradise Trinity and the higher planes.

She has a crisis of faith as she reaches the level of Avatar.

The death of her sister hits her hard but she continues to write and attain; continually moving forward she soon finds love again with someone from her past.

Packed with exciting adventures these diary excerpts take readers on another enlightening journey through the higher levels of consciousness and many other realms of existence climbing from 3500 Saint to over 5000 Avatar Supreme, on the map of consciousness.

Those who are awake will find many clues they can incorporate into their own personal journeys, as once again genuine attunement figures are noted here.

In her next book she is asked to relinquish her free will and accepts the challenge.

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