The Angel, The Witch & The Warrior 

The Angel, The Witch & The Warrior book is packed with information about Spiritual Development, Healing and The Meaning of Life and Death.

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The Angel, The Witch, and The Warrior eBook
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About The Audio

This audio is 5 minutes excerpt of my book The Angel, The Witch & The Warrior.

About The Author

Janine Regan-Sinclair is the author of the Angel Warrior book series, which gives a greater understanding about the meaning of life, healing and self-development.

She is a qualified Therapist, Teacher, Transformational Speaker and Energy Healer.

She offers online digital audios and video courses that raise your consciousness, promote self healing by reprogramming your energetic field and DNA.

Throughout 2023, she is hosting in-person addiction retreats on Vancouver Island, Canada.

She has dedicated many years to sharing the life-changing gifts she received while learning to work with multidimensional levels of consciousness.


Janine shares information about Angels, Chakras, Karma, Science, Soul Retrieval, Tie Cutting and Energy Clearing, to help heal the issues we all carry within us.

She gives clear and concise instructions for conducting self-healing exercises, enabling you to remove low frequency energies from yourself, your home and your place of work.

The Crystal Ki Healing techniques are especially valuable tools for people working with complementary therapies and for anyone who would like to learn to clear their own space.

This enlightening book has something for everyone; the novice enquirer, the spiritual adept and the complementary practitioner will all find help and guidance here.

The Crystal Ki techniques described will enable you to reach higher levels of consciousness and become more enlightened.

NOTE: This book was written in 2008; I have evolved tremendously since writing this, but it is very useful for beginners and intermediates.

Taken from information in my personal diaries, the second book in the Angel Warrior series, Saving the World from my Bathtub, is a fictional adaptation of many of my astral journeys with Archangel Michael. If you are curious about life beyond this 3rd Dimensional world, this book is for you!

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