Higher-Self Connection & Meaning of Life


Take your Consciousness to the next level!

Many of us wonder what the meaning of life is. We have questions like, ‘Why are we here?’ and ‘What is my purpose or Raison d’être (Reason for Being)?’

In truth, we all have a mission, from the smallest baby to the oldest human.

2 Parts Videos:
In these videos, I explain in simple language why, where and what, in a way that even a child would be able to understand it. I like to keep things simple!

Earth is a special planet, and we are all a part of this physical experience for a reason. Nothing is random and it is all manifested by us, the good, the bad and the ugly. Our Higher Self or Higher mind connection is an integral part of our journey, and we all have work to do.

The healing in part 2, allows us to release old residues and memories relating to previous lives and the connections to our higher consciousness. These residues and memories may cause distortions to our guidance and are removed using the ONE Portal. This clears the way for a clearer connection to the Higher Self, as our messages are very important. We are never alone!


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