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This female freedom course focuses on information about menstruation; we also touch on the menopause in relation to eliminating symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and sleepless nights. You will discover more about your female cycles and what you can use your menstrual blood for instead of throwing it away, as it’s a very special sacred fluid.

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Our menstrual cycles are very important on so many levels, but many of us suffer during our periods needlessly.

The same can be said for going through the menopause. Trust me, when I say that there is absolutely no need for this suffering. I know because I switched off the cramp and menopause programs in my subconscious mind many years ago.

Everything is a program, including your beliefs about periods and the dreaded menopause.

Have you lost your libido since having children?

This is usually because the Inner Goddess part of your psyche has vacated your body because of some sort of shock, abuse, trauma or even giving birth. In this workshop, we reintegrate the Inner Goddess back into your system. This is an amazing healing as we all need our Inner Goddess in order to feel sensual and whole; she is the core of our femininity.

My goal is to help you, whether you have bad period pains or menopause symptoms, this workshop is a must. The healing meditation disconnects you from the root cause of the pain, namely, your subconscious beliefs, experiences and memories. We also remove generations of false beliefs, old wives tales and programs relating to what we may have been told by older girls in school or other women about their dreadful menopause experiences. Just because they had a bad time, doesn’t mean you need to!

I will guide you into your subconscious mind and clear out ancestral beliefs in respect of the pain and suffering associated with both menstruation and menopause. I switched off my own programs when I was 40 years old, saying goodbye to horrible cramps completely and I did not have a menopause at all, as I also switched off all of those false beliefs about symptoms. My periods just stopped aged 50 years and not one single problem in the last 7 years, since that happened.

So, I’m evidence this works and I’ve done the same for friends who were also released from any menopause symptoms. Cramps can disappear completely at best or be much less aggressive once we disconnect you from the core of the pain in the mass consciousness, as we are all connected.

If you have menstrual cramps, heavy periods, mood swings, hot flashes, sleepless nights and any other symptoms of being a female, this workshop is a must and your friends will thank you for guiding them here to. It’s time to take back your power and rewrite the narrative. Happy Healing!



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