Energetic Implant Removal


This is a 4-part energetic implant removal course and is for beginners to adepts.

If you use a cell phone, surf the web or are in any kind of touch therapy, such as massage, there is a 99% chance that you have implants.

They can be anywhere in your body, but the brain and 3rd eye are very common places for them to attach to.

2 Types of Implants:

There are 2 main types, general implants that are picked up from being online, via phones or through touch. These are like technology fleas. The other type are soul implants and these need to be removed as we progress in our evolutionary journey.

A sign you have implants is keep hearing the word ‘implants’ or having pain suddenly from nowhere in a part of your body, such as unusual headaches. If you are well connected to guides or your higher self, you may even be prompted to remove implants.

The general ones are often for remote viewing, draining energy, recording and such like. They can be linked to past lives (there is no such thing as a past life really, it’s more of a parallel life experience in truth).

Either way, having the knowledge and skill set to remove them yourself is an extremely useful tool.


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