Consciousness Architecture – Level 2


This Program is the second in my series and follows on from the Consciousness Architecture Level 1 Course. These courses show you how to heal your subconscious programming by actually doing the healing and you can repeat them as often as you feel the need.

What's included?

You will learn how to release polluted light codes that are the building blocks of your reality matrix using the ONE Portal.
We will also access your Akashic Records and your subconscious programs.

Level-Up Your Consciousness

There has never been a more important time to level up. By doing so, you are co-creating a new world, as your reality is a projection of your DNA codes and the field in and around it.

The Videos

These videos may be used over and over again, but please give your body time to assimilate the changes; therefore 6 - 12 months is recommended to complete the course but not essential. As your consciousness expands, new layers are exposed for healing.

01 - Source Code Activation

This video helps you activate your Source Codes and cleanses the Reptilian Brain Imprints and Survival Mode into the ONE Portal. It also clears fight or flight memories that we have or that we have inherited from our Ancestors.

02 - Ripples & Consequences
In this video we access your Akashic Records to clear out old contracts, vows, pacts, and agreements relating to old jobs, bosses, friends, and lovers that may be holding you back in this life. We also clear old Master/Servant relationships and Bills of Sale documents where we were sold as slaves in other lifetimes. We also clear the residues using the ONE Portal to release the Ripples and Consequences of those relationships, including the memories.

03 - Dark Night of the Soul
In this video, I explain what the Dark Night of the Soul is about and how to get through those parts of our journey. We also clear the dark night of the soul imprints and memories for you and your ancestral lineage on a multidimensional level into the ONE Portal.

04 - Wishes, Promises & Swears
In this video we clear wishes, promises, and swears from your Akashic records and then using the ONE Portal, we clear the imprints and residues of those wishes, promises, and swears as they can bind us to people for lifetimes and not necessarily in a good way.

05 - Blocks to Success
In this we clear your subconscious (room with the books) to clear blocks to success and we also use the One Portal to clear the imprints and memories from our light bodies.

06 - Mental Health
In this video, we look at healing multidimensional inherited mental health imprints and memories. We also clear, anxiety, depression, and other frequencies we have in our systems from our many lifetimes and ancestral residues related to their mental health issues. We also let go of the story attached to it and victimhood.

07 - Energy Vampires
This video looks in to 6 types of energy vampires but there are more types. These 6 are the common ones I have experienced. I discuss my view that psychic attack is psychic attract really, as generally those attacking us have been given permission to help themselves to our energy. These permissions can be cancelled in your Akashic Records.

08 - Money Blocks
In this video I take you into your physical body to find negative inherited beliefs in relation to money. We also go into your subconscious (room with the books) and clear false beliefs about money and success, deleting beliefs such as money is the root of all evil.

09 - Filters
In this video I talk about the different types of consciousness filters we have that affect our perception of reality and other people. We clear these from the room with the books and remove seeds that were planted in our consciousness when we were children. We also open the ONE Portal, and you are given a key to insert into your third eye in order to expand your consciousness to a higher level.

10 - Atlantis & Lemuria Trauma
In this video, we clear imprints and memories linked to the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. We clear those associated trauma wounds, Armageddon imprints and a whole list of issues in relation to the demise of our past civilisations.

11 - Words & Thoughts Create
Everything we think or say creates our future. I explain just how powerful they are and how swearing is cursing people if said with venom. I discuss the importance of learning the practice of No Mind. We clear old thoughts and words from past lives and parallel lives or ancestral imprints into the ONE Portal.

12 - False Beliefs
In this video we clear false beliefs such as ‘no good deed goes unpunished, the rich get rich, and the poor get poorer for example, using the ONE Portal. We remove self-restricting beliefs and anything that has been manifested in your energy field as a result of these false beliefs.

13 - Brain Balance & Cave of Brahma
In this video, we balance the two sides of the brain and send energy into the cave of Bramha. This is a space in the centre of the brain between the pituitary and pineal gland and between the two hemispheres of the brain. Bringing energy to this centre allows us to access higher knowledge of the multiverse and to understand the fact that we are all ONE.

14 - Erasing History
Throughout our lives we have been taught history by our families and teachers; much of it was related to wars and violence. These imprints and memories create more of the same and need to be erased. In this video, we clear our violent ancestral history and history taught in schools and the associated memories.

15 - Overlays & Distortions
Overlays are our pretend/false beliefs about certain scenarios. Things like believing when we grow up, our prince will come and carry us off into a perfect happy ever after future for example. They are often linked to trauma in childhood in either this life or previous lives. These distorted overlays are released into the ONE Portal.

16 - Meridians & Axiatonal Lines
In this video, we clear trauma that may have damaged your meridians and axiatonal lines. We also repair your meridians and connect the next layer of your axiatonal lines. These are the universal/cosmic grids that are in and around your physical body.

17 - Dying Memories
Did you know that we hold on to the memories of the last 8 minutes before we die? In this video we clear your field of these dying memories and the trauma associated with the death itself.

18 - Symbols & Numbers
Symbols and numbers such as 666 have been used throughout the ages but they are all just beliefs based on perception and associations. In this video we remove false beliefs in relation to symbols and numbers. We also clear the memories and imprints associated with them into the ONE Portal.


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