Astral Projection


In this Astral Projection Course, you will learn how to use discernment in the astral planes and how to protect yourself.

Discernment is important in order for you to decide what gifts are right for you as you journey.

You will be taught how to connect to ONE and how to project your consciousness into three different places in this online course.

Travel 3 Journeys:

The Garden

The first journey is into a garden, where your higher self will choose what you need to experience.

Special Place

In the second journey, you will be able to create your own private special place in the astral planes. You will then be asked to choose where you would like to go and who you would like to meet. This could be a guide or angel or a lost loved one or even a pet.

Room with Books

The third guided journey will take you into your room with the books (your subconscious mind) in order to cancel false beliefs and negative seeds that may have been planted in your consciousness in the past, either as an adult or as a child.
This is a powerful tool for life and every time you use these guided journeys, you will be able to have a different experience. The more you practise, the more confident you will get. This is a fun way to experience the other realms of consciousness and connect to other light beings.


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