Akashic Records


If you want to discover how to access your Akashic Records and live your best life, then this Akashic Records Course is for you!

A reading of the Akashic Records offers you the perspective to understand and heal all that hinders your evolution and balance. It is not a question of clairvoyance but of a real initiatory path. Thus, you can release fears, blockages. You reconnect to the true dimension of your Being.You will be able to adjust to your true inner power. You will regain confidence in your ability to optimize your potential, you will release tension and regain energy and vitality.To no longer endure one’s life is a choice that belongs to us. The reading of Akashic annals is now within our reach, to allow us to access the true dimension of the heart.

Akashic Records represent the past and the present, and contain the possibility of unfolding future events. Applied to the scale of our human consciousness, the Akashic records have been described in the most ancient sacred texts in different cultures and philosophical traditions. They are for Christians, the Book of Life, the Book of Remembrance for the Jewish tradition. They are also called the Universal Library, The Collective/Cosmic Consciousness, the Repository of Thoth, Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World, the Hall of Teaching…

Quantum Consciousness and Akasha

Doctor Ervin Laszlo demonstrates through the research of quantum physics that there is information circulating in the Universe in a way that transcends the classical limits of time and space. Information circulates simultaneously in various places. For Laszlo, quantum consciousness is that which is open to connection, to healing, to intuition and allows information to flow through it in a non-linear way in space-time.

Through these new discoveries, we are now able to scientifically understand what the great sages have been trying to explain to us for years. The vacuum is in fact vibration.

This vibration is information. And information is at the origin of matter, of the manifested. Thus, we understand the impact of vibrations on matter, of emptiness on objects, of thoughts on our reality.When we link our consciousness to the Akasha, or all-pervasive space in Sanskrit, "information" flows as liquid light, or sacred geometry, into the 8th chakra, that of the crown (top of our head), then is translated gradually into images, symbols, words and/or feelings according to the opening of perceptions of the being who receives.


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