I have designed a variety of products utilising my natural gifts to assist you in your consciousness expanding journey and empower you to be the creator of your life.

  • The Angel Warrior books were written with the intention to provide a greater understanding about the meaning of life, healing and self-development.
  • My Etsy shop showcases my own designs in creating beautiful, high quality clothing and other items inspired by my dedication to Unity and the fact that We are ONE.

Introducing my eBooks

The Angel Warrior Series

Warrior Angel - Archangel Michael
The Angel, The Witch, and The Warrior eBook

The Angel, The Witch & The Warrior

Saving the World from My Bathtub eBook

Saving the World from

My Bathtub

The Princess and The Pink Moon Leeches eBook

The Princess &

the Pink Moon Leeches

The Avatar and the Crystal Key eBook

The Avatar &

the Crystal Key

Introducing My Etsy Shop


Featured Products

Women's Tank - Moth Design
Women T-Shirt - We Are ONE


All the items in my Etsy shop are my own unique designs. My inspiration comes from the concept of Unity and ONE.

They are beautiful, high vibrational designs meant to uplift and inspire, and are all made from high quality materials and a lot of love.