Saving The World From My Bathtub

Saving the World from my Bathtub tells the extraordinary story of Alethea of Avon, the Angel Warrior, and her adventures in the astral planes; it is full of weird and wonderful encounters in other dimensions.

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Saving the World from My Bathtub eBook
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About The Audio

This audio is a 5 minutes excerpt of my book Saving The World From My Bathtub.

About The Author

Janine Regan-Sinclair is the author of the Angel Warrior book series, which gives a greater understanding about the meaning of life, healing and self-development.

She is a qualified Therapist, Teacher, Transformational Speaker and Energy Healer.

She offers online digital audios and video courses that raise your consciousness, promote self healing by reprogramming your energetic field and DNA.

Throughout 2023, she is hosting in-person addiction retreats on Vancouver Island, Canada.

She has dedicated many years to sharing the life-changing gifts she received while learning to work with multidimensional levels of consciousness.


Working from the comfort of her bathtub, Alethea leaves her physical body and travels with Archangel Michael and their band of angels, on missions to protect and heal Mother Earth, the local universe and beyond….

This book will enlighten many as Alethea documents her personal development from human to galactic human, by upgrading her DNA and nervous system, which increases her power and psychic abilities. Her quest to become enlightened takes her into other realms of existence enabling her to discover hidden truths about reality, and her reason for being.

If you are curious about life beyond the 3rd dimension, extra-terrestrials and other life forms, then this book is for you!

Look out for Book 3 – The Princess and the Pink Moon Leeches … where the new map of consciousness is revealed and Alethea is shocked to discover her true life purpose.

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