Is Mental Health holding you back from the fulfilled life you deserve?

Mental Health

Mental Health 

Firstly, well done for admitting that you have a problem; that’s very brave and wise, and is the first step in recovery. Mental health issues are rife in society, you’re certainly not alone. It’s time to focus on releasing the past fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and any other issues associated with the way you’re feeling and behaving.


Mental health, Urgh! Even saying those words has a stigma attached to it that none of us like to admit to. We live in a fast paced, highly stressful world and far too much is expected of us at times, plus we all suffer trauma and heartache, it’s life.

Mind-Set – If you’ve been in therapy for years and are talking about the same old issues over and over, you’re probably stuck in a psychological loop of consciousness and it’s time to escape that with my help. We create more of what we focus on, so a new mind-set is the goal that leads to freedom.

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Mind, Body, and Soul Balance

Foster a new mindset for liberation

Coping Mechanisms – Often, we choose coping methods such as disassociation and that can be a double-edged sword that causes more harm than good, leading to anxiety and isolation or even addiction. Repression is another major coping mechanism behind past traumatic experiences that are often the main cause of mental health issues.

Suitable For Everyone – I have helped all kinds of people in the past two decades ranging from military personnel to civilians, from children to pensioners. My techniques are suitable for everyone and are totally unique and cover mind, body & spirit (Soul). You’re a unique human being, and my methods are unique to you in every session. Let me assure you that this is not a one size fits-all method, it’s totally focused to your specific needs.

Are You Ready for Change? – If you’re ready to take a leap into a new mind-set and setting yourself free, then please fill in the form below and I will get back to you to arrange your four Zoom sessions as soon as possible. I look forward to helping you leave the past behind and stepping into the NEW YOU!

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