Healing Programs

My programs are particularly helpful for treating stress, mental health and trauma issues. I also help people recover fragmented parts of their psyche.

My healing programs also help to clear dis-ease from the body at the core level and are purpose designed for your specific needs, involving 4 – 8 number (1 hour) healing sessions via Zoom. Please contact me for more details.

The Morphogenetic Field:

Each of us has a personal morphogenetic field which is the blueprint that manifests all matter, including our physical bodies.
This field of data consists of templates of sound and light (form-holding imprints) and are stored at a level of consciousness beyond the range of the standard five senses.
Using guided imagery and meditation techniques, I’m able to access this field and help you release the confines of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Addiction, Non-Specific Pain, Chronic illnesses and much more. Most illness is the result of mental/emotional and environmental toxicity.

Clients Testimonials

Consciousness Coaching 8-Sessions offer a transformative journey to release deep-seated false programming, patterns, and beliefs that hinder personal growth.

Through these sessions, individuals embark on a powerful process of self-discovery and rewiring their core programming.

Together, we explore the root of limiting beliefs, fostering profound inner healing and lasting positive change. Embrace your potential and live a life unburdened by the past.

Consciousness Coaching to find Balance


8 Sessions for $2000

Crystal Ki Treatments - Mind, Body, and Soul


1 Hour Session for $500

Improve your health, happiness, and success!

This program combines guided meditations and techniques to address negative thoughts and emotions stored in your mind. By clearing these, you’ll feel better overall, both physically and mentally. You’ll also gain more confidence and perform better in all areas of life, including relationships and business.

Here’s how it works:

  • I help you find and release negative memories that cause stress or hold you back.
  • We use guided meditations to improve your overall well-being.
  • You’ll learn to think more positively and reach your full potential.

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Feel healthier and happier
  • Be more confident
  • Improve their performance in life


Just as our bodies need to be in energetic alignment, it is important to harmonize the energy in your home, or business, with your frequencies, including your family or colleagues if applicable. When the energy field is aligned with other people and the building itself, it creates a more harmonious environment and that makes people feel better and more productive.

I remotely realign energy grids in your home, or business, to initiate the maximum harmonic alignment between you and your environment, similar to ‘Feng Shui’ but without having to rearrange furniture. This allows the perfect flow of ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ (life force energy) into your home, or business, so that your life feels energized and balanced.

Property Energy Grid Realignment


Remote Session for $495

Healing Programs are available Internationally by Zoom or Telephone.

Price is in USD