Female Empowerment - L1

Female Empowerment – Level 1

My goal with these healing videos is not to promote ‘feminism’, which is widely misunderstood, as many think a feminist is a man hater. The truth is far from that.

Spiritually, we are all born equal in the eyes of our Creator and over the millennia, we have fallen into a state of deep imbalance when it comes to what sexual equality really means in the world.

GENTLEMEN, please read this: This workshop could also be used by the men out there, those who are wise enough to realize that they were women in other lifetimes, as we have all been both sexes throughout our earthly incarnations.

My intention here is to clear our mind, body and spirit of the confines that gender inequality has perpetuated over the centuries.

Female Empowerment - Level 1

Culturally, many men have been brought up in households where female babies are a disappointment to a father because they want boys instead. This kind of mind-set leads to personal and spiritual disempowerment the moment we are born.

Women are not even allowed to walk next to men in some countries to this day, they must walk behind them. Only a few centuries ago, when a man married a women, she became his ‘property’ and he was legally allowed to rape, beat and even starve her if she did not do as she was told. Thankfully, men have come a long way since then.

The thing is, these old ways leave memories and deep wounds in our spiritual genetics, many of which are passed down through generations. The future is about a return to balance and mutual respect for all living beings.

Level 1 – 2 Videos – Part 1 & 2 

These 2 videos remove old programs and memories linked to a long list of cultural, personal and spiritual disempowerment programs and memories.

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