FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Those below questions have been asked many times in my workshops, and if you don’t find an answer to yours here on this page, then please feel free to contact me and ask your question 😉

What are Astral Projection and Akashic Records and how are they related?

Astral projection is an intentional out-of-body experience where the subtle or astral body (consciousness) can function separately from the physical body and can travel throughout the astral plane.

All of us Astral travel each night when we are in the dream-state and Janine shows you how to access that state intentionally during waking hours.

The Akashic records are an etheric library of all events, actions and thoughts that have ever occurred or ever will. This is where energetic imprints such as vows, pacts, contracts and black magic can have a negative effect on one’s life creating blocks to healthy relationships, success and spiritual development if not cleared.

They are related in that in order to access the Akashic Records, one needs to Astral project their consciousness.

How can I benefit from Janine’s digital audio treatments and how are they different from other types of meditations?

My audio treatments help recover, repair and restore all aspects of mind, body and soul.

They address issues including weight loss, money, health, abundance, trauma, relationship and spirituality by helping people rewrite the consciousness light codes.

These state-of-the art recordings are created and narrated by myself using a combination of binaural tones and guided meditations to help you release blocks on many levels.

Some of the areas they help include better sleep, brain trauma repair, soul retrievals, money issues, releasing anger and much more.

How can I benefit from Janine’s one-to-one treatments?

I’m a unique Therapist and Healer who created the Crystal Ki treatments by merging a combination of techniques which alter the subconscious and the morphogenetic field of the body.

Through higher energetic vibration, my clients experience improved health, personal/spiritual growth and a purer mind, body and soul on a multidimensional level.

I help you realign trauma imprints in the subconscious, release triggers and promote harmony and wellness among many other benefits.

I’m an expert in the restoration of human consciousness after trauma and in the realignment of mind and body frequencies, which is often the missing link in the role of recovery.

What do we mean by DNA and Programs?

Our DNA is like a manual of instructions for the proteins that comprise and fuel our bodies. In actuality, less than 2 percent of our DNA actually codes for them.

The remainder, 98.5% of the DNA sequences which are referred to as “junk DNA” was thought for many years to be useless, hence the name.

However, it has since been discovered that this junk DNA does play a very important role in the carrying of information to the genome.

This means that the field of consciousness in and around the physical DNA chromosome is the data manifesting your health and your world.

Rogue programs or glitches, such as those listed below can create major life challenges and health issues.

Fortunately, you can change this data when you are in Theta brainwave frequency and upgrade your DNA using Janine’s programs.

When I refer to “programs” or “glitches”, I’m referencing thought patterns, memories and beliefs that are imprinted into our subconscious mind through various methods.

Some are intentional such as advertising messages, movies, music, etc. and some are not, such as false beliefs, fears and perceptions passed down from our parents and past generations.

PTSD for example, can be inherited…

My techniques help you realign old programs that cause issues in your life returning them to a neutral state of harmony and bliss.

Do I need to be experienced or clairvoyant to do these programs?

No, these programs, audios and workshops are appropriate for all levels of spiritual development from the beginner to the experienced.

Is there a prerequisite for the 12 month program?

No, but it is vital that you try the connecting to ONE meditation in the video called ONE Explained, as many of the 12 month program videos,  named Consciousness Architecture, will include that connection and healing.

How many hours a week should I commit to the 12 month program called Consciousness Architecture?

This is an 18 video healing and open to all.

I recommend that you get into the daily routine of connecting to ONE when you wake up in the morning. This takes a couple of minutes and is life changing.

Therefore around 30 minutes a week would be more than enough time.

And 18 videos of approximately 20 minutes each over the year adds up to 1 or 2 a month, so this is not a time consuming commitment but it is starting a lifestyle of deep personal/spiritual growth and I will be there to guide you and answer your questions in my biweekly stream.

How Do I Get Started?


Participate in one of my workshops. I hold 2 workshops per month.

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Recover, repair and restore your mind, body and soul with my binaural audios.