Healing Sessions for Women

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Healing Programs

Welcome to a deeper level of well-being. Explore our curated healing programs designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Each offering is crafted with care to support your unique journey towards balance and fulfillment. Discover the transformative path that awaits you.

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About Janine Regan-Sinclair

“Everything in your reality is stored in and around your DNA … If there is something in your life that you do not like, and want to change, you’ve got work to do in your consciousness.”


Trauma Healing Package –  $2000 USD

Experience transformative healing in just 8 sessions with Janine, a seasoned therapist. Regain control of your life while nurturing mental and emotional wellness. Uncover potential spiritual roots impacting habits at the DNA field level.

Addiction & Trauma Package – $2000 USD (8 sessions)

Break free from addiction and trauma with Janine’s pioneering approach. Address the mind, body & spirit connection. Switch off subconscious programs and patterns for lasting change. Explore the electromagnetic fields governing existence.

Mental Health Package – $1000 USD

Escape psychological loops with Janine’s fresh perspective in 4 sessions. If you’re stuck in therapy’s same old issues, it’s time for a mindset shift. Focus on creating new patterns for true freedom and mental well-being.

Weight Loss Package – $1000 USD

Join Janine on a 4-session journey to reclaim weight control and nurture mental wellness. Address potential spiritual genetic roots impacting weight. Explore DNA field levels for transformative change.

Consciousness Coaching Package – $1000 USD

Unlock personal growth with 8 transformative sessions. Janine guides a powerful process of self-discovery, rewiring core programming, and exploring the root of limiting beliefs. Embrace your potential, fostering profound inner healing and lasting positive change.

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