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As we continue to evolve, we must clear old coding from our DNA and Consciousness. These Audio Programs were formulated to Cleanse/Upgrade certain Programs, Patterns, Imprints and Memories from your Consciousness in your DNA and the Mind, Body & Soul.

I recommend using these audios once and NO MORE than one in a 3 day period if you are new to raising your consciousness. Then move in to the next audio in the set below.

That way you give your mind, body and spirit time to assimilate the cellular molecular changes that take place via your energetic templates.

Items marked Day 1-3 through Day 43-45 all contain a merging of 3 previous healing upgrades condensed into one 15-20 minute audio and are very powerful. So please DO NOT overuse them, as too much healing can exhaust you.

Also, it’s important to wear headphones to improve the listening experience as it helps you focus on the guided visualization. You do not need to be clairvoyant or psychic to use any of my products. .

These audios do not contain binaural beats.

Please use the side arrows in the slider to read the description of each audio series before making your purchase below.

DAY 1 - 3

King of Tyranny, The 48 Laws of power, Debt Slavery, Political Entity, Jeopardy, Medical Tyranny, Secret Societies, TV & Mind Control Programs and more.

DAY 4 - 6

Ancestral Karma, EMF’s, Radio waves, Radar, Satellite frequencies, Immune Boost, Primal Fear and Survival, Soul Wounds, Xenophobia, Sins of the Fathers, Paedophilia imprints (Victims & Perpetrators), Scapegoat Programs, Rape & Pillage Programs and more.

DAY 7 - 9

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Satanic/Demonic Blood Rituals, Negative Symbology, Arrogant Father Programs, Black magic, Sex Magic, 7 Deadly Sins, Colonization, Gluttony, Spyware, Adrenochrome Addiction, Pornography and much more.

DAY 10 - 12

Removing Negative Draconian/Reptilian Imprints, switch off Reptilian Brain Imprints, Fear of ET’s, Royalty/Nobility Title Programs, Jehovah Death seals for you and Mother Earth, Connecting Axiatonial lines (You may feel this happening in your physical body), Negative Primal Beliefs and more.

DAY 13 - 15

Mafia, Gangs and Tribal Programs, Negative Allegiance and Honour Amongst Thieves, Resistance to Growth and Change, Removing the Seed Fear of Enlightenment, removing the glass ceiling that blocks abundance.

DAY 16 - 18

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Social Credit Score, Belief in Hell, Inherited War and Terrorism imprints, Revenge, Ancestral Soul Wounds.

DAY 19 - 21

Transhumanism, Technocracy, Divide & Conquer, Media Propaganda, Negative DNA/RNA imprints, Fear of Success/Failure, Black and White Supremacy Programs, Slavery Bills of Sale, Self Sabotage/Hate/Loathing, Straw man Birth Certificates, Viruses, Reclaiming Sovereignty, Restoring True Self and Auto Body Repair and more.

DAY 22 - 24

Lies, Deceit, Cowardice, Superstitions, Stress, Holding things in Separation, Barbarism and Man’s inhumanity to man.

DAY 25 - 27

Clearing Intergenerational Trauma, Power Struggle, Negative Fate, Addiction to information, Mind Control, Fear of Responsibility, Parental Control, Fear of Life, Holding Patterns/Curfew Programs.

DAY 28 - 30

Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, Aggressive Authoritarianism, Vengeance and Unforgiveness, Suicide imprints, Despair, Light Worker Suicide Escape Program.

DAY 31 - 33

Old Vows, Swears/Allegiances to EX Teachers/Gurus, False Light, Blocks to Freedom of Speech, Lockdown or Incarceration imprints, Negative Motive and Agenda Programs, Abduction, EMFs, and Toxins.

DAY 34 - 36

Removing Oligarchy Programs, Balancing, merging, and neutralizing the dualities of Guides and Angels, Dark/Light Witch, Warlock and Magician imprints, Persecution and Suffering, Fear of Witches.

DAY 37 - 39

Manipulation and Control, false beliefs regarding Heaven and Hell, Removing Civil war and all War and Terrorism Imprints, including Intergalactic war.

DAY 40 - 42

Nazi Experimental programs, New World Order, Negative Seeds, Declaring ourselves Sovereign Beings, Black/White Supremacy, Genocide, Censorship, The Great Reset, Discrimination.

DAY 43 - 45

GMO Human/Animal/Food, Organ harvesting, Vampire, Cults, Competition, KKK, Segregation, Slave Labour and more.

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