Binaural Audios Treatments with Janine

Self-Help Audios

I offer a series of self-help audios treatments for everything from weight loss to money blocks and PTSD. I also offer a variety of treatments to recover, repair and restore all aspects of mind, body and soul.

My guided imagery technique is simple to do and has extremely profound results in the most complex of cases, helping people rewrite the consciousness light codes that create their health, wealth and reality experience.

These audios are state of the art recordings which use a combination of binaural tones and guided meditations to help you release blocks on many levels.

I also offer limited one-to-one personal treatments via Zoom or cell phone.

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Crystal Ki

Self-Help Audios

Self-Help Audio Programs

Binaural Audios Treatments

Human beings when broken down into their smallest particles are actually waves of energy. These waves vibrate at certain frequencies, with high frequency = healthy, and low frequency = unhealthy.

These vibrations are greatly affected by our lifestyle, thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as what we consume in food, music, and what we watch on TV.

Crystal Ki is a high frequency energy incorporating Diamond light, sound and color and is used in all of my programs to facilitate well-being.

These programs allow this energy to pass through your mind and body, restoring balance and re-energizing your whole system on every level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Suitable for ages 18+ and for minors 10+ when supervised by a parent.

These unique programs combine tools used by some of the most famous visionaries of our time including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Diamond Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Quantum Healing.

The Post Traumatic Growth and Comprehensive audios also contain binaural beats to help maintain the correct brainwave frequency.

The Alpha binaural frequencies played in the background of these recordings may help with:

The Audios Help With:

• Learning ability
• Mood elevation
• Better sleep
• Increased creativity
• Enhanced serotonin release
• Increased clarity
• Subconscious correlation
• Centering
• Mental stability
• Increases focus and awareness

There are the different groups of audios for various mind management processes and are specifically listed in the order that they should be used, starting with the Silver Program and ending with Pearl.

See instructions of each level here.

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“Janine Regan-Sinclair’s treatment has worked miracles in my life, in every respect – my health, my career, my wealth, my emotions, and my relationships. Her program literally changed my life in a matter of weeks. Her audio programs are AWESOME!” ~ Lt. Colonel Michael Zacchea, USMC (Ret), New York, USA

Weight Issues & Relationships with Food

Weight Issues & Relationships with Food Audio Programs

Have you been struggling to lose those last ten pounds, doing all the right “stuff” and it’s still not working?

Are you in pretty good shape but you keep comfort eating junk food or drinking too much coffee when you get stressed? These food related issues generally have a subconscious root cause and there is scientific evidence that coffee is a dangerous neurotoxin.

Did you know that old emotional baggage stored in the subconscious mind and body is the biggest cause of excess weight? This can lead to issues of depression, isolation, feelings of being unlovable, unattractive and lonely.



Attract Abundance Audio Programs

Do you find yourself always wanting for more, but it just seems so hard?

Many people aren’t aware that abundance is their birth right and we all deserve to have whatever all means for them. Not everyone is desiring to have extreme wealth with fancy cars or a mansion but many simply want a beautiful home, nice car and a wonderful partner, and some money for life’s luxuries.

Whatever you desire, this program removes the blocks that stop you from creating the perfect life for you.



Attract Abundance Audio
Manifest Money Audio Program

Manifest Money

Audio Programs

Did you know that you may actually be blocking your ability to manifest money and experience financial freedom?

Can you imagine money flowing to you easily giving you the feeling of personal empowerment? This program will remove the blocks preventing you from attracting money and having financial security.

Your energy will start to flow, you will make the appropriate changes and learn how to connect to the inner wisdom we all possess, enabling you to get more enjoyment out of life.



Perfect Partner & Relationships

Audio Programs

Are you fed up with being alone, spending too many nights with no one to cuddle with? Do your people skills need a little improvement? Either way, this audio is for you.

Many people have limiting beliefs that there are no wonderful eligible singles out there, when the truth is there are millions who feel the same as you.

This program will help change your mind by removing these false beliefs where things will start changing for the better.

If we can remember that like attracts like, so by improving yourself, you’ll improve the quality of the mate you attract.



Perfect Partner & Relationships Audio Programs
Spiritual Growth Audio Programs

Spiritual Growth

Audio Programs

Spirituality is about achieving peace in both your inner and out world and greater enlightenment, which is being more aware and awake.

This program allows you freedom from dogma and removes the energy of sin from the system.

We live in a new epoch of transformation and it’s time to let go of the fear of God and all of the other conditioning we have been programmed with.



Post Traumatic Growth Audio Programs

I have worked with war veterans and civilians experiencing Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and developed treatments help the associated problems related to these and other areas such as, sexual trauma and anxiety among others.

These treatments can also assist in the detoxification of food additives and preservatives, chemical toxins and radiation from cell phones.

The audios are the result of 15 years’ experience in helping trauma victims and are among the most effective post traumatic growth audios in the world.



Post Traumatic Growth Audio Programs - PTSD
Comprehensive Self-Help Audios


Self-Help Audio Programs

These audios cover a range of topics to improve the overall quality of your life including peaceful sleep, manifesting desires, releasing common subconscious programs of poverty consciousness, limiting beliefs, victim consciousness, anger and rage.



DNA Upgrades

Audio Programs

Your DNA field is the blueprint of your health and your reality experience. So it makes sense to clear out any rogue programs. We absorb all sorts of darker programs from watching TV, Movies, reading books, life experiences and more.

As within, so without, means what we have in our consciousness is projected into our reality; so your DNA is the software that creates your present and future life. These audios help you to easily change that blueprint for the better.



DNA Upgrades Audio Programs