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Let me empower you to understand and overcome any Addiction & Trauma you are dealing with in your life!

Once you are done reading this, you will find yourself with an alternative multidimensional approach to help you deal with issues that seem to require medications and expensive addiction treatments that you may not need. The definition of addiction goes beyond what most people imagine.

Being an addict is not just being someone who drinks alcoholic beverages constantly or being someone who sells their car to buy heroin. The word addict is a terrible thing to say, but the description of an addict is quite clear.

The global definition of addiction is:
“The condition of being unable to stop using or doing something as a habit, especially something harmful.”

This means that watching Netflix every day is an addiction, spending hours daily on social media is an addiction, and even drinking coffee every day is an addiction. With that said, some addictions are more damaging than others, and many of them can become crippling.

Some of our addictions take chunks of our health one day at a time, but others take a chunk of our time and that is also extremely damaging for your life. Smokers, drinkers, digital media binge watchers, there are many ways in which we become imprisoned in life, and we need to find a way out of them before we are drained of our energy.


To release the addictions, you must first recover and repair the underlying trauma that causes them!

Most people in this world who suffer from any form of addiction also deal with traumas. The problem is that most people go about their lives with the burden of trauma on their shoulders or even buried deep down inside and are unaware of the problems they cause.

They are fed antibiotics and anti-depressants to deal with many issues and they are expected to be ok with the endless side effects of pharmaceuticals. Sometimes their addiction to something is just a symptom of their endless heartbreak and trauma. The problem is that modern medicine is too disconnected from the electromagnetic fields and energy grids that govern our existence.

So, how they can help something they don’t fully understand?

Addictions Retreats
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Imagine what life would be like with complete control over your actions!

Every time you give into the temptation of eating a salty and greasy fast food meal, you know you are only feeding your body useless materials that don’t provide any nourishment. Yet, you allow yourself to do it because you feel hopeless to fight the urge.

The same thing happens when you buy that six pack of beer to drink at night while you watch TV. It also happens when you decide to drink a can of soda instead of drinking natural juice or water.

Now, imagine what life could be like if you had the control and the clarity to see beyond those impulses and take full control of your decisions. A life that is governed by decisions that are good for you and not by decisions that provide quick and empty gratification.

My goal is to help you gently release the trauma and addictive programs holding you back in life!

Are you ready to step into the new you?

Once you are free, you can permanently drop the label of ADDICT as it is an unnecessary self-fulfilling prophecy. There is no need for you to find yourself trapped in a cycle that keeps you from becoming the best version of yourself. This is all done by treating the underlying trauma that fuels the addiction along with a long list of the hidden subconscious programs connected to it.

Allow me to be your Consciousness Architect and let’s build a better life for you at your core!

My treatment method is pioneering as I focus on education as well as switching off the subconscious programs, habits and more. We are mind, body and spirit after all and I have the ability to gently access all areas, clearing out the rogue programs and patterns that are guiding you back to those self-sabotaging behaviours.

Please read my article >>HERE<< to find out how diverse my knowledge is on this subject matter and what needs to be brough into balance to really heal addiction and trauma, in order for you to be free to step into the new you.

My treatment program is a totally new approach, literally clearing out those demons that keep us wanting more of the thing that is harming us, and it really works. This is an opportunity to invest in yourself instead of expensive treatment centres with my in-depth healing program that initiates deep recovery on a Soul level. Become the new you in seven one hour Zoom sessions over a two-three week period, with the eighth and final session a month after the seventh session.

Once you are done, I guarantee you will find yourself in a completely new state of mind!

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The Cost of the Treatment Program is only $4000 USD ( 8 sessions)

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If not, we highly recommend you find one to help change your behaviour patterns once you return home. Having a new focused activity whether writing, painting, playing an instrument or similar, are all extremely helpful in order to change behavioural patterns.