About Janine Regan-Sinclair.

A little about me 😉

Since childhood, I realised I was meant to be of service to others, but it wasn’t until I experienced the trauma of losing my father which left me shattered, that my life began to change.

I experienced undiagnosed PTSD symptoms and refused to take the meds I was offered.

The deep grief I experienced set me on a path to learn how to heal from trauma.

This clarified my life purpose and I decided to leave my 20 year career in Architecture to become a Therapist, Speaker and Writer.

About Janine Regan-Sinclair

My Mission

“My goal is to help humanity heal their traumas and guiding them to become the powerful multidimensional beings they were created to be. I also intend to change the way we treat mental health issues and PTSD.”

Crystal Ki Healing

Crystal Ki Healing

In 2003, I created Crystal Ki (pronounced key) Healing, a powerful energy realignment system which changes the frequency of the energy in and around people, land and buildings, while uplifting and creating positive change personally and globally.

I have written and produced an extensive range of self-help audios and a series of books.

I am considered a pioneer in my field, a visionary and a woman on a mission.

I am a transformational speaker who communicates with passion and wisdom. I have the ability to connect to a wide range of people at a soul level, as I inspire them to change the way they think, challenge their preconceptions around personal lifestyle, well-being and spirituality.

Healing Modalities

I have extensive knowledge of many different healing modalities and through my teachings of personal and spiritual development, I empower both men and women to heal, and grow enabling them to access their highest potentials.

My topics include transcending duality, healing trauma and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

I share my knowledge of The Cube of Consciousness, a whole new way of looking at our higher levels of consciousness in an ever-changing world.