Butterfly means Rebirth

Janine Regan-Sinclair

The Consciousness Architect

Creating a New Reality for Humanity

I am dedicated to helping people heal and evolve using various methods, such as Digital Self-Help Audios, One-on-One Treatments, Consciousness Coaching, Mental Health, Addiction & Trauma Programs and Video Courses covering many areas of both Personal and Spiritual Development.

Janine Regan Sinclair- The Consciousness Architect

“We are the Architects of our Reality Matrix and it’s time to level up …..

Your DNA is the key!”


The intention of this platform is help humanity raise their consciousness and become the architects of their health, life and world. We are the software in the machine of our reality and only we can change the world, by healing ourselves on the level of consciousness.







Janine Regan-Sinclair

I’m Known as The Consciousness Architect, I have the ability to help you access higher levels of consciousness, as well as gently release trauma and fear from the subconscious mind and cell memory.

I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist / Counsellor, NLP Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker & Author.

Online Events: 2024



Wonder Woman Webinar

In this transformative webinar, we will delve into the keys to empowerment, providing you with actionable insights to identify and overcome challenges. This webinar is your gateway to a life of confidence and fulfilment.



Reverse Ageing

Join the “Reverse Ageing” workshop and discover the secrets to a youthful, vibrant life. Learn how to Release Old Belief Systems Regarding Getting Old & Ageing. Embrace a healthier, more youthful you! Don’t miss out!



Astral Projection

Join this workshop to learn techniques that enhance Spiritual Growth, Relieve Stress, and Unlock Hidden Insights. Elevate your existence with the incredible benefits of Astral Projection. Register now for a profound experience.

The 21 Day Challenge

How to connect to ONE

I invite you to do the 21-day challenge by connecting to ONE every day for 21 days and stating, “May the Will of ONE Be Done

Life is about Evolving!

JRS Academy 

The Janine Regan-Sinclair Academy

By joining The JRS Academy, you will be given access to the most powerful unique healing Programs and Courses available to humanity. Plus, I will be live streaming my knowledge, opening the ONE Portal and answering your questions biweekly.



Having questions?

Here are some of the most requested information.

Is this course accessible for beginners?

Yes, no experience is needed but you must be able to connect to ONE as all of the lessons include that meditation (Refer to video above called “How to connect to ONE”).

Are One-to-One Treatments in person?

All treatments are carried out by either Zoom or Cell Phone.

Why the breathing technique is important?
In order to access our consciousness templates in and around our DNA and in our subconscious mind, we must be in Theta brainwave frequency.

This is achieved using my 18 breath technique in the video “How to connect to ONE – ONE Explained”.

This simple technique consists of the following sequence with all the breaths taken in through the nose and out through the mouth. This breathing technique is vital in order to gain the desired results:

  1. Take 6 deep belly breathes.
  2. Take 6 breathes into the lungs
  3. Take 6 shallow breathes into the upper chest.
  4. Then allow the breath to find its own natural rhythm and relax.

Note that my digital audios all use binaural beats just in case the user has a cold or breathing issue.

Binaural beats sync the brain into the Theta brainwave frequency as required, but it takes 7 minutes to happen, hence the talking before the guided imagery part of the audio begins.